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oxy. IQ oxygen transmitter
oxy. IQ oxygen transmitter

Foxy. IQ oxygen transmitter for the barney's O2X1 oxygen transmitter alternatives, the oxygen transmitter as electrochemical principle, has intelligent response function, can detect intelligent detecting battery consumption change, remind users to change the battery, the battery like O2X1 battery, battery model PPM level have OX - 1, OX - 2, OX - 5; Battery: percentage have 0 to 3 x.

Accuracy: the percentage of accuracy for the range of 1%, trace the PPM accuracy for the range of 2% (10 parts per million);

The oxygen content in gas analyzer main can measure the following:

H2S, SO3 and SO2, HCI, HCN, CO2, NO2, CL2, N2 and H2 and the percentage of trace oxygen content.

Analyzer is widely used in gas equipment, water electrolysis hydrogen production which is used to measure oxygen content in the hydrogen, oxygen in air separation measuring oxygen content in the argon, nitrogen content..


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